Ca’ Del Grevino @American Club (Tai Tam Country Club) Weekend Tasting

August 9, 2015

It was the hottest weekend so far in 2015, the temperature went up to 38ºC on Aug 6th (Sat)!

Under the heat, some members at the American Club Tai Tam Country Club have chosen to stay indoors over some glasses of Ca’ Del Grevino wines at the regular Weekend Tasting held on Aug 8th & 9th.

Eight wines from our portfolio were presented at the tasting. Among them, there were 3 camps of preferences: Red Carpet Chardonnay 2013, and Red Carpet Pinot Noir 2013 for those who preferred light-hearted elegance and fruit purity; GREVINO Syrah 2013, GREVINO Grenache 2013, and GREVINO Dolcetto 2013 for drinkers full of curiosity, who turned out being surprised by these varietals grown in California & their characteristics; Ca’ Del Grevino Chardonnay 2011, Ca’ Del Grevino White Riesling 2011, and Ca’ Del Grevino Pinot Noir 2011 for palates that tend to go after fuller-bodied wines with the structural backbone.

If you are a member of the American Club, search for the wines at Tai Tam Country Club at next visit. You’ll be surprised.

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