[HONGKONG] Grevino Wine Tasting Class

September 22, 2019

Ca’ Del Grevino Hong Kong collaborates with Oakey Dokey Wine Bar for a wine tasting class on 8 Sep 2019, which allows guests to taste some characterful Californian wines and learn wine tasting knowledge.

The theme of the wine tasting class is “Discover the Charm of Californian Wine”
The topics of the class includes:
– Basic wine tasting knowledge
– The wine climate of USA
– Main white and red grape varieties in California

Wine List:
– Grevino Chardonnay (Limited Edition) 2012
– Grevino Riesling 2013
– Grevino Pinot Noir (Limited Edition) 2011
– Red Carpet Trio 2013
– Element Syrah 2005


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