Harvest Time! Pinot Noir Special!

September 13, 2023



Step into a world where time stands still, where the air is filled with anticipation and the vineyard comes alive under the moonlit sky. It’s the enchanting season of harvest at our vineyard, a symphony of colors and flavors that dance upon the vines.

As we carefully handpick each luscious cluster of Pinot Noir grapes, our winemakers embark on a timeless journey to create a masterpiece that transcends time itself. Picture the sun-kissed vineyard, bathed in golden hues, as our dedicated team delicately plucks nature’s jewels, ensuring only the finest fruit finds its way into your glass.

We’re celebrating this wonderful time of the year by offering 25% off any three bottle purchase of our Pinot Noir, presently we have available our 2012 Ca’ Del Grevino & 2013 Grevino Pinot Noir.

Stop into the Los Olivos tasting room or email us at [email protected]

From vine to bottle, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. As the grapes gracefully transition from vine to winery, we meticulously destem and crush, ensuring a seamless transformation that culminates in a Pinot Noir of unrivaled sophistication. Through our careful craftsmanship, we strive to deliver a smooth, medium-bodied experience, where every sip unravels a tapestry of flavors that embodies the true essence of our vintage.

Come, immerse yourself in the enchantment of harvest at our vineyard. Let the symphony of flavors awaken your senses, and allow our wines to transport you to a bygone era of elegance and refinement. Indulge in the timeless allure of our Pinot Noir, for it is not merely a libation, but a journey into the very heart of our winemaking heritage.

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